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About Ben Bollinger


Being born and raised in Bay County, Florida, Ben Bollinger attended Bay County Schools graduating in 1988 from A. Crawford Mosley High School. While still young, Ben's mother worked at the local newspaper and then at a local fabric store, while his father was a logger and  worked at the paper mill. Ben has been employed since he was 12 years of age cleaning the floors at the fabric store where his mother was employed. When turning 16 years of age, Ben started working at Showbiz Pizza Place as a game attendant and worked his way up to team leader in the kitchen "flipping pizzas".


During college, Ben obtained employment at a feed and seed store in Southport, Florida. He spent many days studying for his classes at Gulf Coast Community College and Florida State University while selling horse,  chicken, and  dog feed. It cannot be forgotten that whether Ben was helping his father log pulp wood, cut firewood or grubbing worms, he completely understands what it means to do manual labor. Ben often states: "I am just a hometown boy who went and got an education."  


In 1993, Ben was accepted and received a scholarship  to attend  the private Catholic law school of St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida. Upon graduating, Ben opened his private law practice focusing on criminal  defense. Seeing Ben at  the office at 4:00 a.m. demonstrates his devotion to representing  people charged with criminal offenses.


Ben has been featured in Florida Law Weekly, Southern 2nd Reporter, several newspapers, The Wall Street Journal,  television appearance on  the Bill O'Reilly show,  Court TV, The  Morning  Show with Tom  Najjar and his many  commercials and legal tips on Beach TV. The Law Office of  BEN BOLLINGER is committed  to  providing legal advice to those who may find themselves charged with a crime.


Contact Ben Bollinger today at 850.763.8003 if you are in need of legal representation.




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The Law Office of Ben Bollinger

P.O. Box 1788

Panama City, FL 32402


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